I May Be Smooshing a Ranch House

To begin with dessert:

I have cast on a pair of Charade socks (PDF) in Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Giant Peach. And if you are a sock knitter, and you haven't gotten any Smooshy, or if you have and it's been hanging out in your stash because you've been working on other stuff, well, I say to you: Now is the Time for Smooshy.

Yesterday at my second job (call it a hobby job, a yarn money job, a job I still have because I kind of never quit it) I spent many hours becoming increasingly enamored with the idea that this Giant Peach would look freaking awesome in the Charade pattern. So after an hour of enthusiastic, then rather impatient ball-winding -- why does that always take longer than I expect it to? -- I finally cast on. And the Smooshy has an almost preternatural softness to it, but it's also got very nice body and I'm concentrating a lot on not knitting it as tightly as I'm tempted to.

Main Course Knitting includes this:

which is destined to become a single-rib striped scarf for Other. Patterned after a very hip one that Keith Richards sports in a video of some kind from the '70s. I swatched on 6s and a) don't like the fabric, and b) don't like the idea of spending the next 600 knitting hours of my life on it, so will try again with the yarn doubled and bigger needles.


is a rather terrible low-light picture of what promises to be a nice baby blanket. Pinwheel pattern, in Knit Picks Shine Sport. Shine is 60% cotton and 40% modal, and it is slick and soft. Very nice. If not for the Stash Knit Down group I'm in on Ravelry, I would have purchased a bunch more of it to stash for inevitable future baby blankets. For now, round and round I go with what I've got.


Dove Knits said...

Hey, that blanket looks like a salad! Congratulations on successfully going through a meal backwards :)

Gorgeous colorways for all. I'm excited to see the scarf.

Louisa said...

That silky Wool=love. I've got some, that I adore, I just can't decide what to do with it! That orange is beautiful

Shine Sport is also an awesome yarn :-D