If you read Blink, you might remember the guy who could tell within an instant of a server's motion if they were going to fault. Well, I've known in much the same Lizard Brain kind of way that I was going to frog the first Charade sock because it was just a little tiny bit too small since about the second round of pattern. That didn't stop me from knitting on it, not until about 3" into the pattern, because why should I frog it? It's going so fast! See, I just did a repeat! And there it went again! Oh, I would try it on here and there and think hmm, it could be a bit looser, and hmm, 64 sts on 1s is a little smaller than I tend to like. And then go back to knitting on it.

Honestly, I'm not even sad about the frogging, just relieved.

Now, half an inch back into the cuff, I'm thinking: will 68 be enough? But now I'm just being ridiculous.

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