Tassel, yarn in the mail, lotsa do lotsa do

I just retrieved a very soggy box of yarn from the front step. The box was soggy, the yarn was not, the pattern was damp. What I got was a skein of Risata with which to finish up Other's socks, some more self-striping sockyarn, and enough Shamrock in Fitzpatrick to make my Dad some convertible mittens for his early February birthday. He's about the only family member who didn't get a handknit for Christmas, so even though I suspect he doesn't have a great need for convertible mittens, they're the best thing I can think to make him.

And here is the finished stocking cap:

I love love love it. It is loud and happy and rather completely over the top.

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Ashley said...

That hat is adorable. And man--dads! Why are they so hard to knit for?