effed oh, calico

Yarn: Socks that Rock, Lightweight
Colorway: Calico
Pattern: plain stockinette, shortrow heel
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo, 2.25mm

LOVE! Socks that Rock has lived up to the hype - there's no halo that needs to be repeatedly maneuvered out of the joints of my toes, and it turns out I vastly prefer that. They're very warm and clearly durable. Yay. I have some Metamorphic in the medium weight that will probably be cast on soon for more plain socks.

However, I actually should probably not cast on anything else until one of the four not-insignificant and immediately pressing projects gets done. Which leads us to a question: Am I insane to think I might be able to knit my mom a pair of Clessidras before Christmas? When I don't technically have the yarn yet? And when I need to get a Montego Bay Scarf* done by Dec. 5, and a HP house scarf also done by the 25th? As well as another pair of socks? Hmm? Yeah, that's probably insane. Sigh.


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SpaceCase said...

This is the first time I've seen that colorway of STR knitted up - I love it! The socks look great!