Dreidel vs. Pomatomus

Yarn: Socks that Rock - Lightweight
Colorway: Dreidel
Pattern: Pomatomus
Needles: Knit Picks 2.75mm metal
Modifications: Knit the stitches constituting last half-scallops instead of working them in pattern, so that the pattern appeared to bleed into the toe

While knitting the first one of these, I had high hopes that the second one would come out spiraling and pooling in the same way. By the time I was done with the first one, it wasn't even spiraling and pooling in the same way as itself, so I decided to be happy if the second one didn't turn out red.

The fit of the pattern is wonderful, the yarn itself is nice to work with, and soft and warm on my feet.

The, ah, problem if we want to frame it that way comes in with this specific combination of colorway and pattern. Dreidel is powerful. Lots of light vs. dark, yellow vs. blue turmoil going on here already. Pomatomus is a hungry up-and-comer, and its twisted stitches, yarn overs, and non-rectangular pattern repeats give Dreidel a pretty good thrashing. Dreidel wins, in the end, but neither leaves the ring looking good.

By the time I realized that this wasn't going to work very well, I was already pretty invested in it, too invested to frog. When this pattern came out whatever winter that was, I looked at it and thought, pshaw, who the hell would ever want to do something so complicated? Why spend a year on a pair of socks? So I'm pretty proud of their existence, if not exactly their appearance.

Grrr, Blogger's still not getting along with my server. Maybe I can add the pictures later.

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