The second you stop worring about running out of sockyarn...

...is about 10 seconds before you run out of sockyarn. In the grander, more general sense, I am not out of sockyarn. Nowhere near. In the specific sense of the two pairs of socks on the needles, I am very much in danger of being out of sockyarn. I've probably made more than a dozen pairs of socks, and each time have had copious amounts of yarn left. With the first two pairs of STR socks I've made, I've been very careful to guess on the conservative side for yardage, and those turned out fine. So I guess that means throwing caution to the wind and not thinking about yardage at all. Good plan.

The Hoofle Foofle (yellow STR Mediumweight) I think I might actually be okay on, though it will be close. The black sock (Earl Gray, because black shows cables so well (Doh)), I will almost certainly run out of yarn for. Because that one's a gift on a timetable, of course. I have some more Risata in burgundy that I could easily use for the toes, but the larger problem here is that I've likely used so much yarn at this point because, as with Cascade Fixation, I knit the beginning of the sock WAY too loose to compensate, subconsciously, for the stretchiness of the yarn. And I can't really ask Other to try it on because it's supposed to be a kind-of surprise. (I mean, he probably noticed when I tied a bunch of the yarn around his wrist as an allergy test, he's observant that way, but there could at least be a big reveal, right?) So I guess the plan is to wait until I run out of yarn, then give in and have him try it on. Probably the cuff will be way too loose and the foot will be tight enough to cut off circulation. Merry Christmas, Other! Sorry I tried to maim you!

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