FO: Uptown Boot Socks

Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock! Merino
Pattern: Uptown Boot Socks (From IK Favorite Socks)
Needles: KPs 2.75mm, Brittany Birch 2.75mm
Modifications: Made the leg a little bit shorter and heel flap a little bit longer - nothing major.

Once I decided to cast these on next, I dragged my feet a bit - they for some reason felt onerous and complicated to me before I started them. Once I got going, though, I loved them. The repeat is a nice four rows (eight, but four if you consider that the one cable row is just offset every other time), which makes it a nice I've-got-20-minutes-to-knit project. The fabric it makes is just delightful - you can't really see the pattern until you put it on (no amount of stretching your hand out inside the sock makes the cables pop the same way).

The toe of this pattern fits better than any other toes I've knit.

I didn't really like the Lisa Souza Sock! Merino - It's thin, doesn't take frogging too well (and really, if you happen to be my sockyarn, you need to take frogging well), is splitty, and isn't horribly soft, at least in the skein. These needles were probably too big for the yarn, because if you look closely at the sock, you can see right through it. I'm wondering how it's going to wear, too.

I think Lime 'n Violet mention that one LS Sock! is a lot better than the other, and it must be that the Sock! is better than the Sock! Merino. Leave it to me to guess wrong.

Anyway, I'm really really happy with how these turned out, and I'm hoping they'll hold up.

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Ashley said...

Well, even if they don't wear super-well, they'll be really cute until they get holes :) I love that pattern--I think it might be next up for me.