Socks that what? Socks that ROCK.

Oh, Socks that Rock. First I had no socks in you and now I have three socks in you. Perhaps I could use to learn some moderation.

Here we have Uptown Boot Sock #2. Or the beginning of Pair #2, so Sock #3. Hopefully soon you will be seeing some Uptown Boot Sock #5 and #6 action too, because I've got some Silkie Tanzanite winging its way here to become a Christmas gift for my Mom, who love-love-loves purple. I'm ready to turn the heel of #3, but didn't have the book with me today.

Here, in kind of a weird shot, is Dreidel Pomatomus. In repose.

Dreidel Pomatomus, aside from a minor setback in which I completely just did the pattern wrong on the row to pick up gusset stitches and then proceeded not to notice for five more rows (for I am smooth), is going well.

(The third is a plain stockinette sock in Calico, Awesomest Colorway Ever.)

My main knitting problem right now is that I don't have time to knit, despite carrying my projects with me wherever I go. Every morning in my sleepy haze, I imagine some freak scenario that will give me no possible way to actually work (as in "my job, the one that pays the money") and hours of time to knit. Like... I have no idea. But remember when those people got trapped in their cars for like 10 hours when it snowed in Pennsylvania last year? My first thought was like, damn, that's a sock right there.

I am being disciplined and working at least a couple rows of the Buckeye House Scarf a day, although it's not going to go traveling with me any time soon. If you've ever worked with Cascade 220 Superwash, you've probably learned that the balls really need to be re-wound, despite looking all pretty the way they come. I didn't re-wind, and the ball exploded into a tangle of almost-knots and loops in my project bag, and I'm coaxing a few feet at a time out of the angry yarn nucleus.

Oh, yes, and with Christmas coming up and me being a kindhearted, generous knitter and all, I've decided that the time has come...

...to attempt knit myself my first sweater.

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Arachnera said...

Well, good luck. What yarn's in that photo, anyway?