fight the team across the field

This is a take on the Year 3-4 House Scarf from Charmed Knits. It's for my brother, who, the DAY before Christmas last year said casually to Mom, "I sure hope [orooni] knit me a scarf." This while I was in the middle of knitting a pair of Fetchings for my other brother, screwing up every possible part of the project and eventually presenting him with Fetchings about 3 sizes too small, which he seemed to like because they looked more "hobo" like that. ("Hey, pretend to warm your hands over a fire in a barrel. Yeah, there you go.") I also gave him a scarf, which actually did fit and didn't imply that he lived under a bridge.

But, so, Middle Brother wants a scarf. Middle Brother happens to be fanatically obsessed with the Buckeyes, so picking colors is never difficult.

I'd been kind of dreading 83 miles of single rib, but really, it's nice to be able to completely zone out. It's four moves: yarn back, forward to knit, yarn forward, forward to purl. Which turns out to be a great 1-3 kind of motion. Slap on an iPod, slouch a little, and voila, there goes my lunch break. Since my socks, which are supposed to be my meditation projects, are giving me lots of trouble right now (I'm looking at you, Koigu P1052), this is perfect.

I may be able to finish the Uptown Boot Socks tonight... with such a long gusset I've found myself surprisingly close to the toe. Here's hoping!

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Arachnera said...

Hi! I thought I'd tell you that I like your socks.