Start-o-rama, it's start-o-riffic

Uptown Boot Socks!


I've felt a bit like a jerk, noting in Ravelry the difficulty level of each of my projects, not a single one of which has broken the medium-easy mark. WELL.

It's not purling seven together through the back loop in chunky weight, but it takes just about all the concentration I've got. And there's little in life that's more fun than sitting in a coffee shop, zoning out for 45 minutes (or maybe that was 3 hours... hard to tell) with your iPod on and digging in to a 22-row repeat. Well, okay, little in my life.

Koigu Socks!

Koigu is nice. I'm hatching plans to try some more in solid colorways.

And to bring up the rear in this cast-on-a-thon, I now have a big stack of Cascade 220 Superwash in scarlet and gray. For a year 3-4 house scarf for Brother #1. Pictures of that tomorrow.

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