Uptown Boot Socks

In the process of knitting this sock, both a (second) wooden size 2 dpn (being used as a cable needle) and my metal yarn needle (being used as a backup cable needle) have managed to slip through some kind of knitting wormhole in the universe. Seriously, I do not understand where they could have gone. They were right there. I suppose they must be buried in the couch, yes, but after having searched the non-nether parts, and then enough into the nether parts to have found a poker chip from at least the early '90s (the couch used to be my parents'), it seems impossible that these things could have gotten further into the seams than something that has been there for FIFTEEN YEARS.

So, I grafted the toe of this sock:

with one of the gigantic blue plastic yarn needles from the learn-to-knit kit Mom & I got four years ago. And that was not a good idea, but in the name of knitting progress, it was either that or a safety pin substitute for a needle.

The top of this sock is a little loose, but I'm liking the silkie yarn very much, for both the texture and color. So much so that I'm considering buying more of the silkie in the same color way. Is that weird to do?

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Ashley said...

This is exactly why I've started using toothpicks as my sock cable needles. I suspect that my couch has at least 27 actual cable needles, dpns-being-used-as-cable-needles, and sewing-needles-being-used-as-cable-needles lurking inside.