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What I hope is the last order of Job Distress Yarn arrived today. (I changed jobs in the middle of last week, which might very well put BMFA out of business -- you guys should probably help pick up the slack.) And because I got home from class and the grocery store having gone from Relatively Cheerful to Ready to Bludgeon Strangers, it was very nice to sit for the last hour typing and kind of unconsciously clutching three very nice skeins of lightweight.

For all of my crazy ordering, I've never actually *used* lightweight, so, ah, I sure hope it's nice.

I've used the medium weight (in the Chevron Scarf that Will Not Die) and the silkie (pictured below) and like them very much.

I also recently ordered my first Koigu. When I was first starting to knit, I made the baby blanket from Stitch 'N Bitch, which suggested a Koigu handpainted yarn, if I remember correctly. I remember being floored at the idea of an $80 baby blanket that you couldn't even machine wash (though I realize now that it was probably superwash...) and ever since, Koigu has seemed to me to be a little too extravagant.

But, doing the rough math, it's little more than any of the other sockyarns I'm buying so voraciously, so I decided to poke around on Ravelry. And would you know, the people in the Koigu group like Koigu? And recommend it?

So, here is yet more yarn burning a hole in my stash. I'm resisting start-itis, although I've been seriously contemplating renaming it Start-a-rama and just going to town. Still might happen.

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Amanda said...

Start-o-rama?, I like it. I think I'll join you.