FO: Picot Storybook Socks

Yarn: Gypsyknits (on Etsy) BFL fingering weight in color Storybook
Pattern: basic stockinette (co 72 sts)
Needles: Size 0 Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs

This was my first attempt at shortrow heels, and while I will not go so far as to say that they were fast, they were no slower than heel flaps. And without entirely grasping the physics of it all, I remembered reading somewhere that doing the heel on more than half the stitches creates a deeper heel and thus a better fit, and I did, and it did.

The BFL is nice and soft, though with a different kind of softness than merino has. But after a day of wearing these socks, the heels are pilling badly, and the whole bottoms of the socks have a dirty kind of halo. Admittedly, socks would have to be made out of unicorn mane and pixie dust not to have some dog hair problems after being worn around my house, but compared to my other handknit socks, this is definitely more pronounced.

And then there was this:

Not being a spinner, I do not entirely understand what this is. But I kind of don't think it's good.

So the verdict on Gypsyknits BFL is: it's pretty! Make a scarf with it!

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