Three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three

Start-o-rama it is! I am holed up with yarn and a laptop, and almost done with Uptown Boot Sock #1. I would show you a picture, but I have no camera with me, or way to get existing pictures onto the computer, so, no pictures. Just words today. Maybe pictures later. Crappy incandescent-light pictures. Maybe.

I grabbed four additional sets of DPNs on way way out the door, and not a damn one of them is what I need for pomatomous, which is what my Dreidel has decided it wants to try to be. (I do, however, have three empty sets of 2.25mms. Want some 2.25mms? I am your lady.) However, I really want to cast on for Pomatomous, and my brain figured out that my Uptown Boot Socks are on 2.75mms, which is what pomatomous needs. I am not crazy enough to take a sock off the needle, unfinished and mateless, in order to cast on another sock. I *am* crazy enough to be carrying two extra (wooden) 2.75mms around with me, for use as cable needles. (I found that one under the desk in my bedroom. How it got there from the couch, I haven't quite pieced together yet. Perhaps it was one of the dogs.)

Soooo... I could use the wooden 2.75mms as stitch holders and co pomatomous with my 5 KnitPicks dpns. Or I could bust a serious move and get UBS #1 done, and cast on with a slightly cleaner conscience. That would require pouring it on, and, as you may have surmised, I'm typing right now rather than knitting. Hm. But, I'm well past the abnormally-long gussets, so that might be possible.

I also plan to use one of my many 2.25mms to cast on a plain sock.

In my defense, last night I finally finished the broken garter stitch socks in my Watermelon Tourmaline Silkie STR. Wove in the ends and everything. Un-did the co of the first sock, bound it off a little tigher and everything. Much time and cussing that took, but it's better - not as floppy - and I'm very happy with how the yarn performed. (Oh, and also? It was 90 freaking degrees today. It got down to 60 last weekend, and I took my Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch socks from awhile ago out for a spin, and I love them.)

Also in my defense, the plain socks are a looong-term project.

For the prosecution, the second those were off the needles last night, some Koigu jumped on. And, to go off on a bit of a tangent here, did you know that Koigu is not magic? It is nicely spun, sproingy, with a bit of backbone to it, and richly and complexly colored, but is not immune to flashing. Why did I decide it was? Why isn't it? Grrr. So I'm pulling from both ends of the ball. We'll see if this time I'm able to figure out how to wrap the yarns around each other in such a way that there's not a seam. Which is possible, right?

Pulling from both ends renders the Koigu socks something less than the mindless stockinette it was meant to be, but oh well. No flashing for me, not this time.

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