Second Fetching Syndrome

Heee. This is a fetching for me. I didn't change the pattern a bit, other than to substitute DBC brown and red (the one that ends in 7). And carry the ribs up the thumb.

While I like how it's turned out, this red is not red. It is rust. To wit:

Me: [holding up yarn] What color is this?
Other: Hmm. Cranberry.
Me: It's not cranberry.
Other: It's light cranberry.
Me:[Pointing to book cover] That's light cranberry.
Other: Oh.
Me: Out of the eight basic colors, what color is it?
Other: Eight?
Me: Like, you know, Roy G. Biv. Six colors. Seven.
Other: Oh. It's red.
Me: No it's not! It's orange.
Other: No, it's not orange. Where's something orange in here? There, [pointing at sunbeams of Tree Quilt] that's orange.
Me: That's light orange. This is dark orange.
Other: No, that's dark red.
Me: No, [pointing at dark red fabric with black dots and small yellow chickens] that's dark red.
Other: That looks exactly alike!
Me: No, it doesn't!
Other: [Holding up orange pen cap next to yarn] This is orange. That's not orange.
Me: That's bright orange. This is dark orange.
Other: No it's not, it's red.
Me: It's rust.
Other: It IS rust!
Me: Rust is orange.
Other: Rust is red.
Me: Rust is dark orange.
Other: Rust is red.
Me: Rust is rust.
Other: Rust is rust.

There you have it, people. Rust is rust. Which is also dark orange. Which is what color this yarn is. Not that I don't like it. I do. I was just going for something more red.

Also, I have a very patient spouse.

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