The best that - the best that I can

Yo ho*! Hey, note to self: if you ever decide to place an open call to knitters to knit things or give money or knit things in a certain time frame or whatever -- be prepared to be inundated, I mean take-a-couple-days-off-from-work-to-sort-the-e-mail swamped with the collective goodwill of the knitting community.

What I am talking about in this case is this: Mini Soup's Contest Wherein You Knit Hats for Children's Hospital (Made out of Fun Fur) and Can Also Win Stuff.

I bought fun fur! 10 skeins! And... I kind of hate fun fur a little on principle, but that's probably good because I will have strong motivation to knit it and get it out of the house! Woo!

While I've observed knitalongs involving socks, olympics, christmas gifts, &c., it is time I jumped into the fray. So I did.

*this is intended to be pirate-y, and not to imply that you are a whore.

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