Knitting Trauma:

Knitting Therapy:

The knitting trauma comes from the fact that I'm trying to knit a strand of yarn alongside a strand of thread with beads on it. And the strand of thread tangled into itself, and I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for the damned square sequin things that were interspersed with the beads, I would not have spent over an hour muttering to myself, growing increasingly frustrated, and missing my practical and then my impractical-but-better-than-later bedtime before chopping the thread to bits and yelling vengeful things at it.

Luckily, harrowed as I was first by the thread with the beads, then with work, I got home on my lunch break about 10 seconds after the UPS guy left me a package of some lovely lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino on our doorstep, and by about 10 minutes after that had cast on for a Fetching for myself.

Here is half of the Fetching I knit for my brother for Christmas:

If only I had ordered Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in silver gray before Christmas... This ended up being made with a bit of DBC in black as the cuff (which, yeah, I thought I was casting on the top cuff, but I was casting on the bottom cuff, which looks pretty weird because the first cable repeat is black and the rest of the glove is gray...) and Lang Zoom in gray. I called the yarn shop, and they told me on the phone that they had some Cashsoft Rowan and some Jo Sharp Something, but apparently they couldn't produce any when my ever-patient parents made the trip there. So it was this, Lang Zoom, a merino/cotton/nylon blend, not, in my opinion, strictly interchangeable with a merino/cashmere/nylon blend, but it worked. It's a perfectly nice yarn, cottony and soft. It's no cashmerino.

WHY I didn't order the yarn I actually wanted in time to make these is a long, pointless story.

Finally, here is a befingered Fetching for Other - one down, one to go:

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