Some organic quilting lines are more organic than others

The quilting is done on Elephant Abstraction.  

This got put aside for Halloween costumes (cow ears are hard, yo), and today I became convinced that the thing I simply must do NOW is finish a shawl that I love but that I put down, oh, 4-5 years ago because the contrasting yarn I'd picked wasn't contrast-y enough and I didn't know which direction to go.  So I tore apart everything to find the shawl, decided on a plan, tore apart everything to find the contrasting yarn (where, oh where did my bare hare... go) but have failed, so I'm stealing an undyed yarn from another stalled project.  

And it's taken me years of knitting and then quilting and then back again, and house moves, and children-having, but I finally find myself relating to the Yarn Harlot, with the half-memories of special yarn squirreled away somewhere, stuff I don't remember the name of or where it came from, and stuff I could swear I ordered at the same time as this yarn right here, but where did I put it?  Where would I even have put it?  

Oh well, off to frog a section that I want in contrast color and finish up this shawl.  

Happy crafting!

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