Making Elephant Abstractions Quilt

Hello!  Things have been plugging along here at Chez Orooni.  I actually finished two pairs of socks:

Finished them all the way, no hanging out with toes ungrafted for years for these pairs. 

Both pairs are Felici and both were made exclusively during work meetings/trainings over the last few months.  The bright sock on the left is missing some pink in the cuff because I found myself finished with one sock and ready to start the next but didn't have the second ball, so I just used the end of the first ball.  Fascinating, I know. 

Yesterday we hit the Sheep & Wool Festival (which the two-year-old kept calling the Sheep and Vegetable).  It's one of my favorite things to do every year, though this year wasn't so exciting on the purchases front - I'm saving up my crafting budget for a wheel, and I also haven't used up anything I bought there last year yet.  Did knit part of a mitten, though.  

Life is in some ways an ongoing struggle between knitting and quilting.  As the weather gets colder, ideas for things I need to knit pop into my head continuously (little Citron shawls for each of the girls, my felted clogs have busted holes in the heels, Other would like a wool hat), but my quilting list gets longer, too (the Red Quilt for girl 2, an in-between size quilt for girl 1, a patchwork quilt with the banner fabric Other likes...).  

And in very, very exciting news, I've completed the 97th fragment of the Elephant Quilt and have started putting the pieces together.  Pictured below are the feet: 

Whenever anyone sees the Elephant Feet, they yell, "Elephant Feet!"  One of the bonuses of having your design wall in the kitchen/living room. 

I've looked around a bit on the web for people making this quilt, but have only found where the kits are being sold.  Am curious what others have done with the background.  I'm substituting a Connecting Threads solid (custard, I'm pretty sure) for the "gold" that the kit came with, and will use the gold for the back.  Will probably piece some of the leftover elephant colors into the back as well, because I can't really see using them for something else.  

If you're making this and run out of one of the colors, I'd be happy to send some along.  I was very careful to get the most mileage as possible out of the colors, and ended up with tons left over.  (Phew)

It's been hard to stay on track with the elephant - I'd love to churn out a quick little baby quilt or something.  But I want to get this done and dusted, because it's hard to pick up again if I wander off.  I also really, really can't wait to see what it looks like finished.  

I hope your fall is as crisp and energizing as fall can be.  Happy crafting! 

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