Rainy Quilt WIP

I just glanced at my traffic stats, and either my mom is very bored and has become weirdly obsessive about checking my blog, or there are actually some people who aren't my mom looking at this.  Hi, people!  Hi, Mom!

Eager to cleanse my quilting palette from the preceding Fugfest, I started chopping up some fabric for a little quilt for my husband.  Everyone else in our little family has a little quilt (and some even fit all the way under them), so it seemed like time to even things up. 

At Connecting Threads's cyber monday sale I got a FQ set of Rainy Day for a ridiculously small amount of money.  (Also got two large cuts for crazy cheap, which will be mostly quilt backs.)  The fabrics above are the ones that made the cut, plus a fq that I dyed in a class many years ago. 

These didn't make the cut.  The grays surprised me, but I was hoping to pinch a bit of each for a different quilt of much gray, so that worked out well. 

Hand dyed

I go back and forth on this one, but it does match the color scheme really well, so it's going in.  

In other random news, my iron finally turned on me and was spitting water - really, really hot water - at me and everything, and then it gave up the ghost.  Just now I considered saying that I'm surprised it never did significant amounts of damage, but I haven't thrown it out yet, so I'd rather not tempt fate like that.  

Here's the replacement, long may it reign.  

Happy crafting!

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