How I Un-do Quilting

The orangest quilt in the history of human experience is coming along.  Turns out five rows of quilting at every seam is kind of a lot, so progress is steady but the road is long. 

I sprung for fancy wool batting (Quilter's Dream) and boy, is it puffy.  You can see in the picture above what nice definition this gives the quilting.  Given the puffiness, I probably should have basted a bit closer together, instead of in the middle of every tumbler (so, about every 6"), but basting took every bit of time I had, so meh, lesson learned. 

At first I thought I'd get progress in on this after the kids were asleep, but it turns out the baby is no longer interested in falling asleep and staying asleep on her own for a couple of hours a night.  Also turns out that I can knit a hat much more easily than I can knit a sock (???) while nursing her, so I've made smashing progress on a hat.  Not the Halloween hat I should be working on (not to mention the Halloween beard I should be working on), but TO BE FAIR... I haven't felt like working on those.  So. 

So, I mostly get the quilting done early in the morning before the house wakes up, or in those rare moments where both kids are happily occupied.  Not the clearest-headed time in my day.  So I was halfway down the next line when I realized that I'd put a third line in on one side of the tumbler, when I was only planning on doing two lines. 

My choices were: frog the line, leave it as a charming little mistake (spoiler: no such thing), or add a third line to all the seams.  That last one was briefly tempting, but no.  Not practical. 

As I'm mostly self-taught, where "taught" loosely means "kind of figured out an okay way to do things," I realized that the way I've been frogging quilting is not the fastest possible way.  I used to un-do by pulling out each individual stitch.  That is a silly way to do it!  This time it occurred to me that I could seam-rip the line of stitches about 3" from the tail, undo 4-5 stitches, and then pull. 

The short length of thread comes right out.  Much faster!  And it only took me six years to figure out! 

Happy crafting!

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