Blogger's Quilt Festival - Huhu Wela Loa a Ula

Gak!  I've been eagerly anticipating November and the Blogger's Quilt Festival, not realizing that voting starts Nov. 1, but linking starts earlier! 

I'm entering Huhu Wela Loa a Ula, a Hawaiian quilt I started in 2004 in a weeklong class.  We learned the technique, completed the applique, and started the hand quilting.  

I picked it up again and plowed through many hours of hand quilting. Hawaiian quilts feature echo quilting around the applique. Choosing to put the applique on point meant that a lot of hand quilting would be necessary to fill in the corners, but I think it was the right choice for this design. 

This is easily the FO I'm proudest of.  The design is mine and I'm very happy with the execution of both the applique and the quilting, though some of the lines of stitches look very unpracticed (because they were!). 

I'm entering this in the Hand Quilted Category. I'm being sure to enjoy it, because there's no telling when another hand quilted one will get done. 


Fabric: white-on-white and batik from JoAnns, circa 2004
Batting: Mountain Mist poly, low loft
Thread: Ollllld white "hand quilting" thread
Size: 28.5" square

Happy blogger's quilt festivities! 


Mad Cat said...

Very Lovely!

Frederique said...

Beautifully achieved! I love this one

Sharon said...


audrey said...

Wow! This is an incredible quilt! Love that stitching.:)

Sally Hurley said...

Look at all that stitching! What a beautiful quilt.

Tina Craig said...

I love your design! I'm finishing up a pillow from a pattern my husband bought for me many years ago. It took a class to get me started. I love the texture created by the echo quilting.

purduepam said...

A hawaiian quilt is on my ever growing list of quilts to make
Your's is inspiring

Sherri @ RebeccaMaeDesigns.com said...

It's so nice - beautiful!