Quilters Gonna Hate

It seems that in every quilting project, I reach a nadir and simply hate how it looks.

This is different from the moment of doubt, or when you're trying out various options and go, ooh, no, or when you're finished and wonder what it would've looked like with another border.   This is when you decide you're going to tell the blog that your quilt in progress/design wall was destroyed in a freak attack by your cat - wait, no, your neighbor's cat, yes, the neighbor's crazy cat who hates orange and who knew he was such a good climber? and you are so devastated, because it was going so well, you see, you are so devastated that you're just going to start over on something else. 

My moment with this quilt - hopefully the only moment with this quilt - came when I'd finished laying out the third row here.  Haaaate.  Knowing the desire to clean off the design wall with fire might pass (yes, more orange is just what this needs!), I pressed on.  It's once more acceptable to keep working on, although this picture's not doing it any favors. 

Another, different kind of moment came when I realized I'd calculated the number of tumblers for the desired width of the quilt as if the tumblers were square, but alas, they are not.  Tumblers, how do they work?  So now I get to decide if there should be 14 more to cut, leaving the quilt asymmetrical, or if there are 28 more to cut, leaving me seriously grumpy. 

Happy crafting! 

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