Orange tumbler, WIP

I'm making my daughter an orange quilt for when she moves out of her crib and into a twin bed.  It will probably fulfill the role of something to look at on the design wall for ages, because progress on quilting goals is going to stall with my return to work this week. 

In the bottom left, you can see the tumbler template cut from a Cheerios box!

This is an order from Hawthorne Threads, plus some quarter yards from some LQS shopping done on our trip.  

Since she could pick out markers and point to colors, orange has been her favorite.  I'm not sure how stable these preferences are, because last week she said her favorite color was pink black purple green blue yellow.  When we went to get her some shoes, there wasn't a pair that she didn't like, from infant boys' sneakers to adult women's slippers. 

This was the initial fabric pull - it quickly became obvious that bed-sized quilts take a lot more fabric than I'm used to needing. It also would appear that the market right now is tending toward brownish oranges, rather than pinkish or yellowish. 

In one fabric store, I showed her two orange fabrics and asked her which she liked better.  She pointed to a lime green on the shelf.  "No, of just these two."  Points at lime green. 

So I picked one of the orange ones.  There will be no lime green in this quilt.  It feels weird, because I'm making this for her, but am choosing the fabrics and pattern I like, or at least think contribute to a good design overall.  I'm incredibly specific - or picky, depending on how frustrated with me you are at the moment - and don't like what I don't like. 

One thing I don't like is a mushy muddled mishmash of colors and pattern.   I like contrast.  At first I considered doing white around each tumbler to separate them enough, but now I'm thinking there may be enough variation in the values that white won't be necessary. 

One more fabric is on its way (crabs!) and then it'll be time to start working on the layout.  Big as my lovely design wall is, it's not twin-sized, so I'll probably put together two horizontal rows at a time, then decide what order to put those in.  The back will be Spot Check (seen above on the handlebar of the stroller), perhaps with some mini tumblers. 

Happy crafting! 

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