Bag of cement!!

That's a German swear that in English is not really so scandalous.  Rav taught it to me.  (We're working on curbing language that could get us unhappy phonecalls from teachers in the near future.) 

Why am I reduced to shouting nonsense on what was supposed to be My Glorious Day Off of Peace and Productivity?  Well, Dear Sweet Baby Destructor is safely tucked away at daycare, I have two long blocks of time to myself, and I immediately settled in to work on the second sock of a pair that has been an agonizing struggle since its beginning.  I resigned myself to finishing the socks and put my head down and have used almost every second of evenings, after Destructor is asleep and we're watching DVR'ed episodes of the Nerd Show,* to work on them.  Today was going to be wonderful, because I was finally going to stick a fork in them, and then present them, finished and whole, to my mom, who will be here at the end of the week.  I grudgingly realized that there was one more pattern repeat to go until the toe, and then finished it.  Chariots of Fire swelled in the background as I prepared to start the toe and free myself from these blessed hellbeasts.  Cleverly saving myself the pain of realizing after finishing the toe that I'd left out a repeat, I held the second sock up to the finished one and realized that lo, I was missing a repeat. 

In the %^#*4@(!&8^$#(*%#@!$T%^7 bag of cement cuff. 


*The Big Bang Theory.  We don't call anything by its proper name in this house. 

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Audrey said...

Can you rip back the ribbing at the cuff and knit it up? Or rip back the ribbing on sock #1, rip out the offending "extra" repeat, and re-knit the ribbing? Surely mom won't mind slightly short socks! :)