Number 9

It's done! 

 And it looks much better after being quilted, for some reason.  Maybe the extra texture softens the weirdness of the colors or something. 

 That's my favorite block -- I like how that shade of green looks with the dark, almost-blue purple. 

And the back, a blue plaid that doesn't match the front.  I think my stippling is getting better and better - less herky-jerk starts and stops, more even stitch lengths. 

I used Quilter's Dream batting for this one, rather than the Warm & Natural I'd been using.  It's very nice, and a bit less opaque than W&N is.  Judging from having it on my lap to blind stitch the binding, it seems like it's going to be nice and warm, too. 

Next up will be a patchwork explosion of pink for the shop.  My stash has an abundance of pink fabrics and I'm not really sure why, and I'm not usually one to give baby girls extremely girly gifts.  I'm familiar with girliness, though, and can do it when I need to.  This quilt is going to be maximum girly. 

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Susan said...

That's really pretty. Am looking forward to seeing your pink one.