Pink quilt is finally done.  With just a wee touch of stitch-in-the-ditch quilting around each of the five squares and between the two borders. 

I did go with plain white instead of orange peels, and I like how it turned out that way.  I sometimes shoot past "interesting" into "busy," and this is an excellent example of laziness (do I want to applique 32 orange peels onto impossible to needle fabric? no.) saving the design from business. 

My favorite thing about this quilt is the folded flowers.  They're cute and they made it through the quilt's first wash just fine. 

It was finished using envelope construction, rather than traditional binding, with a lace edge. The back is a nice pink and red stripe.  Note to self: if there's any chance of straight-line quilting, don't use a print with straight lines. 

Soon I'll post about the many problems I had getting this thing done, including getting the lace edge right, cutting squares with the intent of cutting them down and then forgetting to cut them down and then ripping everything apart, cutting them down and sewing everything together again, and dealing with the white, which really, really did not want to be sewn through.  I now have suspicions that it's part polyester and might do a burn test if I can get up the curiosity. 

This one's going up in the shop, probably Monday. 

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Susan said...

It's beautiful! I was waiting to see the final project and it was well worth the wait!