Post 200, and a WIP

Howdylee hey, neighborinos!  I've been very, very busy with very, very pressing things.  At the top of the list is procrastinating on binding (really even just finishing the binding of) Cartoon Pinball.  Half the binding is on!  What is wrong with me?  

That procrastination has provided a lot of other things, though, namely:

Whoa!  What's this?  It's a values quilt in blues and greens.  Though my conscious mind is surprised that I've done all this work on a new quilt (or two), the evil homunculus who apparently runs my brain knew this was coming

And say, what is that lovely-looking design wall behind it?  Why, it's a huge chunk of batting in the bedroom, which I spontaneously rearranged and annexed for quilting.

Today was a surprise, late-in-the-game but seriously-go-home-now snow day.  I got home around 2, after *not* spending any time lodged in snow banks (yay!) and have been working on this sucker all day.  When I looked up and saw that it was 9:24, I was shocked and simultaneously realized why I'm so hungry. 

Which of course means that instead of eating dinner I should write a blog post. 

Happy weekend!  I plan to crush my to-do list, and I hope you have just as much luck with yours. 

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