For my next trick...

I'll lose direction and... wash a bunch of fabric.

To be fair, though, a bit of the fabric for each of the 3-4 quilts that are next up just arrived today. Along with a batting for the mondo gigantic quilt that must weigh 10 pounds. And which is also not recommended for lighter fabrics whoops oh well.

Do you demand a picture? Very well:

If you totally heart anything you see here, you might want to run off to Connecting Threads, because almost all of this is going off soon. They're also having a nice sale on batting.

Given this nice little break in project-land, I should probably get back to work on the baby blanket for the baby that's now nearing about 2 weeks old. I guess I've been dreading having to develop yet another crochet skill, and also know on some level that picking up (or whatever you call it in crochet) the same number of stitches on each side is going to at least take several tries, if it's not impossible. But the cute border is what makes the whole thing cute, so I better get on it before kid graduates from college.

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