Fin de Semana

Finish of the week (end!) Sun and Sky is now hanging proudly in my brand new, huge, slightly-less-bare office.

It sports both premeditated hanging sleeves (a first!) and an actual premeditated label. Neither of which I took pictures of, but hey, those are the boring parts.

Here she is after quilting, which went so much better than Spinning the Stars did:

And here are the final shots after cutting, binding, and washing:

Depth of field! I'm so arty!

This quilt also sports a couple tiny patches of some of the cotton I hand-dyed at a workshop several years ago. The binding is a blue and yellow floral that has been in my stash for years. The backing is a purplish-blue floral that doesn't match the front by any stretch of the imagination. I've had it for a long time and bought it as a remnant for making hanging sleeves and backings out of. I'm almost out of it, so it may soon be on to the red chicken fabric I got at the same time but have never really used. Hrm.

It's about 40" across (??) and, uh, less than that tall. (I didn't measure.) Making this top was really really easy, compared to ones that involve pinwheels or stars or triangles of any kind. Note to self.

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