FO: Tiramisu; WIP: Cartoon Pinball


Yay, Tiramisu Blanket is done and in the mail!

This is probably the best it will ever look. It's cute and pretty and the colors are striking, and I can't help thinking that after about 10 minutes with an infant, things will go downhill. The ribbon is very slick, and gets pulled around easily, and I should have picked one that was identical on both sides. This is shiny on one side and dull on the other.

Perhaps if I make this again, I'll do an i-cord instead of a ribbon, and secure it at several points.

The ribbon is 100% polyester, so I ran a lighter over each end for just a second to prevent fraying. This is my first real crochet FO, and I'm surprised at how even the stitches look. My first couple attempts were not going to turn out this way.

I hope the new parents like it!

Cartoon Pinball

The top is done:

It's a little weird, I guess. If things go well today, I'll have it basted and ready to quilt.

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