Black socks, pretty socks


2011 1-29 005

These took me seven months. And yielded more support for my hypothesis that it's difficult to get the motivation to work on black socks. When I gave them to Other this morning, and suggested perhaps that someday he might like some gray socks, he reacted as if I'd suggested he drive the car into the side of the house or eat a tin can sauteed in asbestos. No way.


I'm delighted to have my 2.25 knitpicks nickel-plated dpns back, though, so I cast on a new pair of socks in BMFA Scaponia, lightweight:

2011 1-29 011

I don't understand why this color isn't more popular. It never stays on the site for more than one round, and I suspect it only ever comes back because I request it. I'm thinking of nicking the basic color scheme for a quilt some day.

Speaking of quilts, forward progress has resumed after my sewing machine (who shall hereinafter be known as "Sewey") returned from a second trip to the shop. I used its absence to move forward on the Giant Quilt of Giants back, doing the math, establishing a design, and beginning to cut pieces for it. I should really start stippling Cartoon Pinball, but have to admit that I'm a little nervous for my first quilt-for-sale. Will probably practice on some swatches before committing to quilting that one.

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