Pinwheel and Friendship Star miniquilt

Greetings, dear readers! I hope your various holiday celebrations were untaxing and free of disaster.

Today I will be show-and-telling you about my most recently completed quilt, for which I do not have a catchy name. (Edit: it is now called "Spin the Stars.")

This particular arrangement of pinwheels and friendship stars is my own design. I made it up during a recent spate of, shall we call it, captive free time.

This quilt came about the way most of them do, which is that I piled a bunch of fabric together and put it out of the way, and when I came back, it looked so nice together that I had to make something out of it.

This is my first pieced back, which features most of the leftovers from the front, plus some whoops-wrong-size triangle pinwheels. This is also my first time using corner pockets rather than an hanging pocket or two sewn on after the binding. I'd avoided using them because I was wary of hand sewing through two layers of pocket, two layers of binding fabric, backing fabric, and batting. This time I decided to use a thimble for sewing the binding down, and it worked just fine.

Brown, turquoise, and yellow aren't really my go-to colors, but I like the finished quilt well enough. While stippling it, my machine really started to fritz, so it's going to the shop for some attention. I successfully free-motion quilted a quilt about this same size a couple of years ago, so I'm hoping that the machine will be able to attain its former glory.

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