This project stalled for a while because I couldn't find the razor I use to shave felted things. It was with the office supplies, of course. Silly me.


These are some cheerful socks that I knit for Mom's birthday. They're delightful.

I finished the mini quilt today, and it's washed and dried and hanging on the wall, but I'm going to save that for another post. For now, it's back to the Christmas conundrum of what to give to three guys who have accumulated a bevy of handknit stuff over the last few years.


At the moment I'm set on Garmin pouch things, like I made awhile ago. I'm set on the fabric for Dad's, but I can't find a good contrast fabric:

Haha, that was a little joke. I've got the perfect stuff to go with this -- it's purple, with butterflies.

Haha, another joke.

These jokes are about how freaking impossible it is to find nice, interesting fabric that's also suitable for guys. And also an exploration of what on earth could've possessed me to buy not one but two lengths of pink kitty fabric when I like neither pink nor kitties. (One's not my style, one I'm allergic to.) I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to grab some more Lotus or maybe some pretty solids.

Hey, fabric designers! Make millions by designing nice, masculine fabrics! Or maybe changing cultural norms of what appears too feminine for men would be better. But probably not as profitable or manageable.

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