Quilt big or go home

The huge quilt project I'm now immersed in is a checkerboard quilt that I've been planning for years, ever since I bought a "Double +"-sized Quilter's Dream Cotton batting years ago at my LQS.
Fabric is mostly stash fabrics, from JoAnn's and various LQSes, plus a few prints from Hawthorne Threads, ConnectingThreads, and the Fabric Shack.

Don't those piles look all neat and organized, stacked and labeled so? It's just trickery. Getting a billion 4x4 squares sewn into one big piece has nearly killed me, and I'm not even done yet. The up side is that my seam ripper is in no danger of an existential crisis anytime soon.

I do have part of the top finished, and it's a) huge and b) looking a bit stark.

The top might be finished by tomorrow, if I can find the will to go on with it. Then we have the question of what to do with the back. I got a big, big chunk of Kona Cotton in Natural, which I initially planned to make the plain checkerboard pieces out of, but when I put it next to my color fabrics, it didn't really work as well as white would. So I got some muslin from JoAnn's for the white on the front, and am now considering using the Natural for the backing. I also got a bit of Kona Cotton in Teal for the binding, before realizing that it doesn't match a single shade on the front of the quilt.

I'd like to do a pieced backing like many of the quilts at Oh, Franson! have, but I'm at a loss for what would look good. Have more white, have a chunk of Natural, have fabric from most, but not all, of the prints on the front left over. Any suggestions?

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