Hamamelis, more!

Uh. So, I finished the quilt top. It's hugely big gigantic. Husband stood on a chair and held it up to the ceiling and the bottom dragged on the floor. I made a quilt taller than the kitchen. O..kay. Hm. It's a bit like adopting a gorilla. You're like yay, a gorilla! This will be awesome! And then the gorilla arrives and you're like, oh, hey, gorilla. Here are some bananas. ... Shit.

So, no progress has been made on the backing for the quilt. Instead, for some reason, I have devised plans for 2-3 mini (and by "mini" I mean "crib-sized or slightly bigger" (you know, the cotton-top tamarins in our quilting:primates analogy (why am I talking about gorillas and monkeys? why?!))) on which I will be able to practice my free-motion quilting skillz and which I may someday be able to finish, unlike that gorilla.

The lesson: the number 94 fits easily onto a page, but in inches it's actually kind of a lot. Write that down.

I did take a picture of the quilt top, and if I ever figure out how to baste the thing without moving all of the furniture out of the bedroom or banning everyone from the kitchen for 8 hours, y'all'll be the first to know.

In other news, news less embarrassingly revealing of my utter lack of spatial ability, I finished Hamamelis! Yayyyy!

I heart this pattern, truly. It was fun, and garter-stitchy, and I love garter stitch, and I could actually read the lace, and I like the straight edge. Scallop-y points just really don't do it for me, which I hadn't really realized until I saw this pattern.

That yarn is Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in the Peridot colorway, with a wee bit of Louet Gems Pearl for the edging. I think that the variegation is more obvious in the pictures than it is in real life.

I'm still open to suggestions on how to back this sucker.



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