Back to it!

I thought I could finally sit down and write about the explosion of cast-ons that seem to have happened since 1/1, but it occurs to me that I'm not quite done with Christmas. Because, you see, my awesome family has given me many knitting-related gifts.

This is a straight needle organizer from my husband:

And here it is full of needles:

Very nice, huh? Pretty and practical. Much better than the jumble of needles held together with rubber bands I'd stuffed in a tupperware container. Then some of the rubber bands break down and leave sticky gunk on the needles, which are now no longer grouped together and then you have to take a needle sizer and go through everything again. No more! I might go through and add size numbers to particular pockets, once I figure out which slot should be for which needles.

Next, CotLin in Kohlrabi:

I'd been hoping to use this for Hey, Teach! for a long time, even though I think that pattern calls for worsted and this is a DK. Then Kohlrabi vanished, and I was sad. Then it reappeared as a Last Chance color, and my mom grabbed it for me. Yay! What a nice color.

Finally, this:

This is a gift from my brother, P. and his girlfriend. Yarn, yay! But it's more than just yarn; it's yarn from local alpacas and llamas. AWESOME. 10 oz, 600 yds. I've got to find something spectacular to do with it.

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