sock sock funtime


is monkabiddy - Monkey in Chickabiddy. It did that thing that I love in the twisted ribbing, alternating the same colors over two rows, which I believe also happened in my Dreidel Pomatomi. Love that STR + Cookie.

Also, how is it that Monkey socks seem to knit up faster than plain stockinette?

I abandoned the Quill Lace in Maizy socks. After finally getting the pattern going, it was biasing like crazy and looking otherwise unhealthy

-- I think the pattern might be better suited to a slightly more wimpy/relaxed/something like that yarn. I had been pretty determined to get those done before Summer of Socks starts 6/21, and found another pair with lots of holes to try out, but then came upon this perfect solution -- the Summer 2008 Socks that Wendy is designing for SoS 2008. So I'll wait until then. Signups are open until May 15, so if you've been meaning to sign up and also want a really really holey sock pattern, get thee over there!

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Angela said...

Those monkey socks are amazing. I think you've just inspired me to make another pair!