celebrate with yarn

My freaking awesome husband came home today with a set of Lantern Moon size 1 DPNs. As a kind of "congratulations on the new job/sorry your day sucked" kind of thing. Nothing about the day that handcrafted Rosewood needles can't make feel a bit better, especially considering that Tuesday was such a good day that if it hadn't come back around, I'd be really worried right about now. It's all about the balance that the Yarn Harlot talks about -- and this being August, which, not to be superstitious or anything, is the month of evil and bad tidings for my family -- if today hadn't sucked I'd be convinced that the new job couldn't possibly be a good thing.

For now I remain cautiously optimistic.

I've been itching to cast something else on, something... Silkie... and now that I'm over the picot hump of my second sock

(this, by the way, is the first sock at about the same stage as the second one is now. in the interest of full disclosure.) I figure I can cast on with impunity. I'm a two-socks-on-the-needles-at-once kind of person. This very second I'm trying to download Cider Moon's Colonial Rib sock pattern, because that's what the Watermelon Tourmaline Silkie wants to become, but alas - my adobe acrobat reader is older than the moon. I'm surprised my browser hasn't even crashed yet. So Silkie may just become more Monkey socks or whatever pattern I happen to get my hands on in the next 20 minutes.

Lantern Moon! Silkie! Woohoo!

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