WIP: Log Cabin #1

Blanket 1 is rolling along nicely. The blocks are taking significantly longer, so I feel good doing about one a night. Next weekend we'll have about 16 hours in the car, too, so that should be a boon for the whole project as well.

I've been feeling like a particularly slow knitter recently, maybe just because I haven't finished anything for a while. I don't have a whole lot of time to knit in, and it's mostly taken up with garter baby blanket. So, the inevitable happened: I learned that I can walk and knit.

I got about 54 minutes of sock-knitting time into my hour lunch break. Unprecedented! And so far, I haven't walked into a tree, gotten hit by a car, fallen off a foot bridge (and oh, there are foot bridges), or dropped any stitches. This is a whole new frontier.

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