I take it back!

Aargh. Remember how I was all like "Oh, I am the queen of gauge and don't need to go down a needle size"? Well. My gauge was whacked. I knit about a foot of the ol' chevron scarf, and it had three distinctly differently-gauged sections, only the last of which was not strangely lumpy and unattractive. So. Bought size 4 needles and frogged. Again. This scarf sucks to frog; avoid that if you can.

Oh, and it took every ounce of my willpower and every iota of distraction my job has to offer, but I am not the sheepish new owner of 15 skeins (I'm not kidding) of Lorna's Laces. I came very close upon seeing this Chevron Scarf in Ravenswood and Gold Hill. Because despite having jumped on the Chevron Scarf bandwagon awhile ago, I hadn't yet seen a color combo that I really loved. So, considering the one I'm working on, the inevitable copy I make of Spacecase's, and the one my mom has requested, I had better start making some forward progress and fast.

Of course a lot of the pleasure I get out of knitting comes from the actual knitting part of it. But to be completely honest, probably more comes from thinking about what I'm going to knit in a few hours or after I finish my current projects. And looking at that page of LL's got me wondering what a combination of Bittersweet and Sorbet or Child's Play and Happy Valley would look like. And that's where the massive restraint needs to come in.

I'm knitting a sock from some Sunnyside Ellen (colorway Sherbet) I got from Etsy recently and to much rationalization. I also bought some Ashabee's handdyed merino/tencel, which is awesome and probably destined to become Monkey socks, once the Hederas are done. I'm to the instep there, and doing at least a pattern repeat a day.

Pictures next time.

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