Having finished my simple stockinette socks (full report on that coming up), I've moved on to Hedera. And even though I'd heard about the yarnover issue (the two yarnovers in different places being different sizes because they are made with different surrounding stitches), I plowed right into it, figuring I'd just do whatever and it would be fine.

And that did not work so well, not least because a) I'm pretty sure I've been doing yos wrong, and b) I'm not sure that I will be able to pick a way of doing it (1/2 wrap vs 1 1/2 wraps) and stick with it. At least without writing it down and looking at the explanation every time. However I did the first round of the pattern resulted in half of the yos being functionally non-existent. So I ripped, and googled, and found this post on the Lime & Violet* messageboards that clears up some stuff but still leaves the issue unsettled. I swear I read somewhere how a knitter did the yos a certain way to make them symmetrical...

So... I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I got the yarn the pattern calls for (Rowan 4-ply soft in a dark reddish shade #382) at a very nice discount, and got it specifically with this pattern in mind. I've never done a lace sock before, and haven't even really done lace before^, so this is a bit of an adventure.

Which is to say that I'm not frogging and forgetting about the whole thing yet, but that maybe I had better eat before I snap all my size 1 dpns in half.

*Having recently gone in search of knitting podcasts (because if you can't be knitting you might as well be listening to people talk about knitting), I found these guys. Very fun. Highly recommend.

^Oh, but, yeah, um, I better grow some mad skilz soon, because, ah, I might have purchased one or two skeins of sea silk that will drive me to distraction with guilt if they don't get turned in to some fancy knittin' soon enough after they arrive. Or I might just wind them into balls and hang them up in a glass display case. I would get points for decorating, too!

Update! After some poking around on the internets, I found this linked in Lickety's comments on her post about her own Hederas. And it's a great explanation of how to even out the yos. And I actually had come close to un-venting it, but was twisting the yo that was facing the wrong direction, when I should've been knitting into the back -- that's, I think, why they were disappearing. Anyhow, it should be good at this point.

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