Blow up yr TV/throw 'way yr paper/move to the country/build you a home

Ay. So, I am here for this fiction reading, and I thought it was at 7, but it's at 8. So I have an hour to kill. Which I could kill by grafting the toe of the second sock of a pair you-all haven't seen yet, and which I do not have pictures of yet, and I will probably do that. Unfortunately, though, I will probably also kill the time by killing the old credit card a bit, using the blunt instrument of handmaiden sea silk. And the oh-so-stabby dollar-freaking-ninety-nineKnitpicks Crayon, which I need about four tons of for my baby blanket factory. And Etsy. Don't even get me started on Etsy.

On the sea silk front, this is completely ridiculous, because I have little-to-no interest in wearing a shawl. Or knitting a shawl, really. Or silk. And yet I am so torn between the cornflower, wildflower, and melon colorways that the thought that I should just buy all three seems almost rational.

Help me.

There is 45 minutes until go-time. Can I possibly be expected to hold out?

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