Yipes, seven days!

It has been too long since I posted. I am sorry. I would prefer all my favorite knitbloggers posted about three times a day, so posting once a week is not exactly keeping up my end of that implied bargain.

The weather is a lovely spring gray and may stay like this for a while, so it's not really worth photographing any of my partially-complete WsIP anyway. If you're dying to see them, imagine that the bamboo sockscarf and the basketweave Plymouth Encore scarf below look exactly the same only longer. Ditto for Ufserud. I've also finished knitting sock #1 in some Claudia's handpaint (plain stockinette), and cast on for a stretchy cotton hat in black Cascade Fixation for Other.

I have been getting together with a friend (yes, sorry, should have warned you - I do have a friend) to knit and drink beverages. There has also been ice cream afterwards, which really cannot hurt the goodness of any day that includes knitting in public.

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