Taking pictures of yarn and not dead things since 2005

I'm knitting away on Roza's Socks. I've decided that if knitting keeps me from wanting to go to bed at night, it might also be able to get me up in the morning. And that's kind of working. If I could somehow remember that I want to get out of bed to knit a bit before work a little earlier, then I could partake and still be on time, rather than 10 minutes late, which is anyway better than the 40 minutes late I usually am. So, yeah. Kind of working.

The archives of licketyknit have been keeping me entertained these days. The ongoing drama with the penguin, it kills me.

Anyway, Lickety (heh) mentioned at some point how much she likes seeing beautiful pictures of knitting on blogs, and I really do too. And of late, my pictures have been sucky, despite the fact that I have no fewer than four lights pointing at whatever I'm taking the picture of. Really, though, if I waited until I had good light to take pictures, you could expect them about once a week, and then at the peril of weather and motivation. So, apologies.

Today I made an effort to get outside before the sun had set too much, and so the picture seems to show the color pretty accurately. And it shows my positively idiotic system for dealing with 415 yards of yarn, which is to wind most of it into a ball, reskein the rest, and only work on it at home until there's enough used up that I can wind all of it. Because I would rather do this than cut the yarn and weave in more ends than is absolutely necessary (which for a single sock is two).

We all make our choices.

Anyway, I got good light but have no nice kinds of background to speak of. You got concrete instead of swampy backyard, dead garden, cheapy beat to hell lawn furniture, or dead bird.

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