Purple Handspun

I've finished my third skein of 2-ply!  

Before washing:


 With a quarter:

I wound it off the bobbin onto an acrylic quilting ruler again and came up with an estimate of 876 yards.  

It's listed in my Etsy shop (here!) and I listed it as over 850 yards because despite counting the number of wraps twice, I dread the possibility that someone buys it and then runs out because I didn't calculate it right.  Because there is no more where this came from.  

Again, despite being a 2-ply, this is a laceweight yarn (4.2 oz, 850-ish yards).  I really need to figure out how to spin thicker. 

This time I plied the singles immediately after finishing the second bobbin, and they were definitely energized and it was definitely harder to ply.  In the future I'll try to let them rest for at least several days.  

If it sells, I'll get some more fiber and start in on the next project.  BUT, the baby quilt list just keeps growing (5 and counting) and I do not have a big (or even small) pile of baby quilts yet, so it would probably be better to tear myself away from the wheel for a bit.  The first blanket is due in June, which is not too far off.  

Happy crafting! 

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