Finally finished up the three pairs that had stalled inches from the finish line:

The hardest part was finding them.  These are pairs 95, 96, and 97, and pairs 98, 99, and 100 are on the needles. 

My secret quilt project was busted about immediately, but it was met with approval, so that's good.  Here's the original design:

And here's the finished top:

It's easy to write something like 72" on the paper, but that's actually a pretty big quilt.  I'm happy with the size, though - it will be big enough to be a "real" quilt rather than just a snuggle quilt.  

I've got backing (and a bunch of other stuff) on order, and I hope to get this one done pretty soon.  Also progressing nicely is the Elephant Abstraction quilt, which has binding attached and is about to get a hanging sleeve before the binding is sewn down.  Plugging along.  

Happy crafting!

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