A Big Mountain

So, I've embarked on a project that is clearly going to take a long time.  This is a particularly straightforward journey, though, because I'm working off of a pattern and templates that I didn't create. 

This is the first several pieces of The Elephant Abstractions quilt, the kit for which was a birthday present this year.  And the finished quilt will be for my dad, who really loves elephants.  I finished Template #11 today, and there are... 97 total.  So, woo, only 86 to go!  Plod, plod, plod. 

I had never ever paper-pieced before, so there has been a learning curve.  Happily, using solids means that I don't have to keep front-side/back-side straight, because I guarantee I would have ripped out more than one seam by now if that weren't the case.  Sadly, until the last seam is sewn, I will be worried about running out of fabric, even though I'm sure that the amount of waste in this process was taken into account by the designer, and I could almost certainly track down more of what I needed, because I didn't sit on the kit for 20 years (why, hello, experience, thank you for letting me learn from you!). 

So, I hope to be pretty faithful to this project, which means the next several months will probably be more of the same picture above and a faint counting sound in the background.  Maybe I'll buy some fabric occasionally in order to have something else to talk about.  Yeah, that's the ticket. 

Why, here's some right now:

More birthday gifts!  Mostly Connecting Threads, several backing quantities, a background yellow for The Elephant (custard), and a banner print that was on clearance at Hawthorne Threads.  My husband finds the banner print deeply pleasing, so I plan to figure out some sort of patchwork thing that will work for a quilt for him.  (I'm thinking a checkerboard of different-colored solids.) 

Hope to get Template #12 in the can tonight, then onward to 13. 

Happy crafting! 

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