FO: Block O-hio Star Quilt

It's finished!  And wrapped, and given.  Witnesses report that the recipient was happy about it, but I was holding it up and couldn't see the reaction.  The recipient is not a huge quilt person, but is a huge Ohio State person, so maybe that worked. 

I bound it in a black print after realizing that I didn't have nearly enough dark gray to do the job.  Borders just didn't happen, but I did finish this early in the day on Christmas Eve, so that's a win.  I failed to measure it before giving it away, but I had to stand on the glider footstool to get this picture, and I'm 5'4", if that gives you some idea. 

I've mentioned that naptimes recently have been hit or miss, and the last naptime before we got on a plane looked like this:  

That is a child under the fabric that was to become binding. 

Cute and terribly unproductive.  So that night after the kids went to sleep, I got the binding cut and sewn on, then grabbed time as I could sewing it to the backside.  In the car on the way to the airport, late at night instead of sleeping.

For the quarter-square triangles for the Ohio Stars, I used a technique that is kind of strip piecing and kind of chain quilting.  I made half-square triangles by the seat of my pants. 

If I had to do this again (which, please, no), I'd use a more limited range of values in the red, keeping it medium-to-dark. 

I'm very, very proud of the drop shadow, and the range of grays I used to create it. 

Right now I'm enjoying this moment of after-Christmas freedom, thinking about all the wonderful things I can plan for next year. 

Bonus FO: Owl Mittens
These owl mittens were a special request - also in Buckeye colors, perhaps you are sensing a theme - and were given for a mid-December birthday. 

I'll link up to Crazy Mom Quilts on Monday.  

I hope your gift-giving went well, with met deadlines and delighted recipients. 

Happy crafting! 


Jen said...

Awesome O-hio star quilt!! The red O really sparkles and the gray shading really makes it pop. I bet the recipient loves it. And those owl mittens are beautiful, I know someone who would love them!

margaret said...

I love this quilt! Great job

Gemini Jen NZ said...

You have made a fantastic job of that Ohio start quilt! What a cool idea, you must have taken a while to map it out - looks great!