After Hours

After finishing Weathervane Island, I was ready for more of that sweet, sweet finish-y feeling, but without the commitment of several months of work.  I'd recently turned up a little quilt from when I was a kid (below, left), which gave me an idea for a shortcut to the payoff. 

The old little quilt is a true mess - some seams are hand-stitched and some are machine-stitched, there isn't a right angle or straight line to be found, and it's clearly seen a lot of love.  An evening's work produced the little quilt on the right from my purple scraps.  I pieced and log-cabined and cut and pieced some more, then sandwiched it with some flannel and a plain back and did envelope construction.  Machine-stitched the turning hole closed and top-stitched around the outside edge, no burying threads or hand sewing at all, and it felt great.  

Other remarked that Martin Scorsese would always shoot a little project after spending years on a movie - well, I get the impulse.  

I felt like I should get back to my next big project, which right now is all about varying shades of gray with some white thrown in, and lo, needed a leader and ender project to work on with all the piecing of the little tiny quilt.  I blew through all the gray stuff I had ready to piece and felt very proud that I'd gotten back into the big project.  

Aaand then, this happened:

And, then pillows: 

Churning out cute little mini things seems to be out of my system for now, and I've just finished a dozen gray Ohio Stars, which is good, but something about piecing together these teeny little scraps is very satisfying - there are probably more tiny little dollhouse quilts in my future. 

Linking up with Finish It Up Friday at crazymomquilts.  Happy crafting!

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